Drain Plug Laser BUG, set of 2




This pair of plugs is designed to close the drainage holes of the Laser BUG Dinghi.

If You ever used the BUG for other activities then action sailing, You will remember that it is impossible to get the cockpit dry – the water is flowing in and out through the drainage holes.

What is thought as a nifty feature for sailing becomes a bit inconvenient when using the dinghy with oars or outboard.

This pair of plugs is perfectly fitting the drainage holes and seals water tight – thanks to the custom O-Rings made of NBR rubber. There is a finger hole and a hole to attach a cord against loosing them in the water. The plug is floating, though.

These plugs are made of extruded plastic and therefore not applicable for longer exposure to sunshine. Either paint a layer of UV protective coating (we can do that for You) or stash them in a shady place when not in use.

This article contains:

    2pcs Custom Plug, ABS plastic, 3D- printed, selected colors


    2pcs O-Ring, NBR Rubber


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